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Обновлено3 января 2023
Последняя версияv2.0.0.1057
ЖанрМузыка и аудио
РазработчикVentis Media Inc.
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Доступно вGoogle Play
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v1.3.5.0858 Pro
What’s new:
— Stability fix
— Build 852
— New system playback notifications
— New manual server entry for UPnP
— Removed Scrobble Droid option
— Fixes
— FLAC over UPnP stutters
— Casting to UPnP may stop
— Touch vibration/notification sound suppression
— Tracks may get added to playlist 2x
— Notifications album art issue
— Android Auto album art issue
— Google Home Hub album art issue
— WiFi sync may not re-connect
— Content on repaired SD card may disappear
— Long DB Update on certain devices
— Stability fixes
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